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Personel Mahadewi Baru

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Mahadewi manager, Memed, already hinted at Mahadewi Tata replacement. Tata allegedly did not continue his contract which expires on Saturday, March 3 yesterday. Now, leaving only a personnel Mahadewi, Purie Andriani.

If a replacement candidate Tata already have some, and was awarded gold Dhani. If the other one (Purie) it is still there, "said Memed when talking with Legal via cell phone, Monday (03/05/2012). He is also not yet sure friendly artists Republik Cinta Management (RCM) which will replace the Tata. When asked whether a young beautiful singer, Audrey became one of the candidates, Memed can not confirm it.

When Audrey's solo, yes, but it will be featuring the Mahadewi I do not know ya. Anyway just said to wait, I will meet with mas Dhani in a few days later, ungkapnya.Sebelumnya, singer Chelssie Baker also briefly reported Tata replacement candidate, but doubted he would be summoned Chelssie Ahmad Dhani.

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